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Capt. Paul Sherbo USNR (Ret.)
Military author Paul Sherbo in Iraq


About Paul Sherbo, Military Author

Author Paul Sherbo, CAPT USNR (Ret.), was commissioned into the United States Navy from the ROTC program at the University of Kansas and qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer.  He served six years active duty in the Navy, including service in Iraq assigned as the Navy’s Fifth Fleet representative to Coalition Forces in Baghdad.  Before retiring as a Navy Reserve captain, he commanded several Navy Reserve units.  He is a former newspaperman, was recently elected Chairman of the Denver Federal Executive Board, and is a member of the Navy Reserve Association, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Military Officers Association of America.  

The link below is to a short video with film footage and photographs of the USS Frank E. Evans at the time of the collision.  This is neither an endorsement nor a critique of the video, but anyone interested in the collision may find it interesting.  Note the footage of a bow going down - it appears to have been shot in daylight, and since the Evans' bow sank before 3:30 a.m., we're unsure what that footage is.   Note, you will be routed to a different web page. 
Click here for Video


Almost Aboard the USS Monitor.
Paul Sherbo at the Mariner's Museum
Mariners' Museum-Newport News, VA Photo By R. B. Gardner

Here I am aboard the USS Monitor.  Actually, a life-size mockup of the Monitor right outside the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia.  Inside, the musuem is restoring the recovered turret of the civil war ironclad, which was lost in a storm shorlty after the famous Monitor-Merrimac battle.  And to those of you who know me - no, I was NOT on the Monitor's  pre-commissiong crew.

Soviet Foxtrot B-39, San Diego Sept 2010
Paul Sherbo at the Soviet Foxtrot B-39
Photo by Diana Carlson-Sherbo

Message to Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the rest:  We won.